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Interesting Links for 29-07-2016

This new book about the microbes that live inside us looks fascinating
(tags: books review microbiome bacteria )
(tags: food insects wtf viaSwampers )
Police in Britain fired their guns just seven times in the last year
(tags: police guns uk )
Apple’s negotiating tactics sunk its long-rumored TV service
(tags: apple tv )
People who report crimes to the police are less likely to be victimised in the future (report unclear on causality)
Seriously, I can't tell if reporting does some good, or if the kinds of people who talk to the police are the kinds of people who don't get victimised twice.
(tags: police statistics )
5 Reasons You Should Update to Windows 10 If You Haven't Already
(tags: windows microsoft Technology )
The Dorito Effect: Healthy food is blander than ever — and it's making us fat
(tags: food health nutrition )
Comics Not Just For Kids Anymore, Reports 85,000th Mainstream News Story
(tags: comics society funny )
Putting Ghostbusters in its cultural context
(tags: movies usa history review )
Privatisation of healthcare damages the NHS, study finds
(tags: nhs healthcare privatisation research )
Australia's GPS readings are all 1.5m out.
(tags: australia GPS maps automation )

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