Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-07-2016

David Davis: Trigger Brexit by start of 2017
(tags: europe uk )
Andrea Leadsom Says It Is Sensible Not To Let Men Look After Children As They May Be Paedophiles
(tags: Conservatives OhForFucksSake paedophilia sexism )
The Republican National Convention Can't Pay Its Bills
(tags: republicans viaBartCalendar usa politics )
Theresa May: Article 50 will not be brought forward until there is a UK-wide approach
Of course, that's a really vague statement.
(tags: uk europe scotland )
If you’re worried that stupid people have more kids, don’t be (yet)
(tags: children Intelligence genetics )
Fake Sweeteners Make You Crave More Sweets (in flies and mice)
(tags: food sugar )
Animal shelter gets Pokemon Go players to walk their dogs
(tags: dogs games )
The feds want to launch peanut butter drone strikes to save endangered ferrets
(tags: drone nature vaccination wildlife usa )

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Tags: children, conservatives, dogs, drone, europe, food, games, genetics, intelligence, links, nature, ohforfuckssake, paedophilia, politics, republicans, scotland, sexism, sugar, uk, usa, vaccination, viabartcalendar, wildlife

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