Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 11-07-2016

People voted "Leave" in those areas with the highest percentage increases in immigration
Which will, presumably, be those areas that had only a few immigrants before.
(tags: immigration europe uk )
Why There Is No Jewish Narnia
(tags: fantasy judaism viaSupergee )
Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group
(tags: uk NorthernIreland scotland wales )
Pokemon Go used to help armed robbers commit crimes
(tags: games crime )
Thousands of people mysteriously develop an interest in taking the dog for a walk
(tags: games funny exercise )
Free tickets now available for the Edinburgh Festival opening event: Deep Time
(tags: edinburgh festival )
Does Full Genome Sequencing Really Cost $1,000 Now?
(tags: genetics Technology )

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Tags: crime, edinburgh, europe, exercise, fantasy, festival, funny, games, genetics, immigration, judaism, links, northernireland, scotland, technology, uk, viasupergee, wales

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