Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 01-07-2016

Jeremy Corbyn would receive backing from 90% of constituency Labour party chiefs
(tags: labour politics uk )
Nicola Sturgeon declared Queen in the North
(tags: scotland politics funny gameofthrones )
Is There Code From Windows 95 That Is Still In Windows 10?
(tags: windows history video computers )
Commons Committee proposes some sensible changes on prostitution laws
(tags: prostitution uk law )
Satirists can’t f*cking type quick enough
(tags: satire uk politics funny meta )
Jeremy Corbyn would easily defeat likely leadership challengers, poll shows
(tags: politics labour uk )
British Gas offers free electricity at weekends
(tags: electricity money )
UK sets ambitious new 2030s carbon target
(tags: environment globalwarming uk )
Exclusive: Nigel Farage's Plan for UK Departure of the EU
(tags: uk europe satire )

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Tags: computers, electricity, environment, europe, funny, gameofthrones, globalwarming, history, labour, law, links, meta, money, politics, prostitution, satire, scotland, uk, video, windows

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