Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-06-2016

What do you find when you fact-check all of the pro and anti Brexit claims?
(tags: lies europe referendum uk )
An actually interesting poll on the EU referendum. I had to think about my answers.
(tags: eu poll referendum uk )
Clifford Simak’s City - a science fiction classic that hasn't aged horribly
(tags: scifi review dogs viaSupergee )
Your Handy Guide to Referendum Night
(tags: referendum europe uk viaNWhyte )
High levels of education linked to heightened brain tumor risk
(tags: Education cancer )
Musicians are done playing nice. Your phone is getting locked up at their shows now.
(tags: music phones Technology )
German paper Bild makes 1966 World Cup promise if UK rejects Brexit (and to play Bond baddies forever!)
(tags: football JamesBond germany uk funny referendum viaElfy )
Nation urged not to fuck this up
(tags: referendum politics funny )

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Tags: cancer, dogs, education, eu, europe, football, funny, germany, jamesbond, lies, links, music, phones, politics, poll, referendum, review, scifi, technology, uk, viaelfy, vianwhyte, viasupergee

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