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Interesting Links for 21-06-2016

"My dad thought HIS dad was dead until I was a year old. Then he found him in the Toronto phone book."
(tags: family parenting history viaLProven )
The cultural case for remaining in Europe
(tags: europe art referendum uk )
25 Old Comics Without Context That Are Beyond Disturbing
(tags: comics funny viaPhilmoPhlegm )
Where Geek Girls Come From
(tags: geeks women )
Silencing of gene affects people's social lives
(tags: genetics social psychology )
Researchers link childhood hunger, violence later in life
See all those kids whose parents can't afford to feed them well right now...
(tags: hunger food violence self-control )
Adolescents respond well to rewards, basically ignore punishment
(tags: reward learning punishment adolescence teenagers psychology )
Some real-life inspirations for the last GoT episode's battle
(tags: war history gameofthrones )
Poll reveals third of Leave voters believe MI5 conspiring with Government to stop Brexit
(tags: conspiracy uk politics voting referendum europe )
#NoWomanEver is full of snarky goodness
(tags: abuse twitter women )
A Third of Valve is Now Working on VR
(tags: valve VirtualReality )

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Tags: abuse, adolescence, art, comics, conspiracy, europe, family, food, funny, gameofthrones, geeks, genetics, history, hunger, learning, links, parenting, politics, psychology, punishment, referendum, reward, self-control, social, teenagers, twitter, uk, valve, vialproven, viaphilmophlegm, violence, virtualreality, voting, war, women

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