Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How's my dancing?

Dancing session three (which happened on Wednesday) was another step up from session two.

We switched from 8-step to 6-step. By taking out the third move of the four. I managed to not be completely confused by this, and to also learn the sendout, and outside turn. All of which you can see here in a handy 53-second video, demonstrated by people far more competent than I.

For the first time it actually started to feel like dancing, rather than robotically following steps. And for the first time I started to feel confident in how to lead - what signals would be interpreted as the start of which steps. Still baby steps, obviously, but I can see how the learning process works, and rather than it being mysterious it's becoming something I just have to practice.

Which is probably how I came to be practising the 8-step moves in the shower, carefully counting out beats to Skrillex. I seem to have become infected.

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