Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Dance Class Two: Electric, wait, that's not right.

Back to Lindy Hop for the second time. I was very nervous before-hand, but then spent 45 minutes chatting with Annie in Summerhall beforehand, which was nicely distracting/relaxing. As well as that the two people teaching us had clearly got more of the hang of it, and were much better at spotting our mistakes and correcting us.

Oh, and on top of _that_ I definitely got better at watching the instructors to understand the steps. Note: They are called "steps" for a reason. Look at the feet.

So I wouldn't say that I was _good_. But unlike last week I didn't feel _terrible_. I felt like I was hitting the right mark about 75% of the time, and getting my steps in the right places in the right order. It didn't look good, and I could rarely do it right more than a few times in a row, but I could definitely tell I was getting the hang of it. At one point, I even managed to give someone else a couple of tips, which felt great.

So, yeah, very glad that I went back for a second time, really looking forward to the third time! (Although there may need to be a break, as it's possible I'm seeing a dentist next Wednesday. Boo...)

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