Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-06-2016

WTO chief says post-Brexit trade talks must start from scratch
(tags: business trade wto europe uk )
AP Calls War For Ramsey Bolton
(tags: funny gameofthrones ) - Weather from a brutally honest Scottish perspective
(tags: weather scotland funny )
21 Goths Having A Nice Time
(tags: goth happiness )
Investigatory Powers Bill passes through Commons after Labour backs Tory spy law
(tags: labour Conservatives surveillance uk politics )
Investors pulled £65bn cash out of the UK in March and April as Brexit fears grow
(tags: europe finance uk referendum )
Japanese Students Hatch Baby Chick Without An Eggshell (so they can see inside)
(tags: viaElfy video eggs )
Mastering Programming: An outline
Lots of this applies to things other than programming, to be honest.
(tags: programming advice thinking )

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Tags: advice, business, conservatives, eggs, europe, finance, funny, gameofthrones, goth, happiness, labour, links, politics, programming, referendum, scotland, surveillance, thinking, trade, uk, viaelfy, video, weather, wto

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