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Interesting Links for 06-06-2016

The in-built racism of much of science fiction
(tags: race racism scifi )
Why Not Teach Girls to Masturbate in Sex Ed?
(tags: sex school masturbation women )
Fact-checking both sides of Brexit
(tags: facts europe referendum )
Uber have moved into the debt-slavery business
(tags: debt transport OhForFucksSake )
Former Ticketmaster CEO explains why you can't buy good --or sometimes, *any*-- tickets to any popular events
(tags: music business )
Cutting benefits does not make people more likely to find work, Government-backed study finds
(tags: welfare work uk )
Why We Can All Stop Worrying About Offshoring and Outsourcing
(tags: work employment globalization )
'Longest' Muslim holy month of Ramadan in 33 years begins (19 hours of fasting in the UK)
(tags: islam time religion )
Edinburgh trams carry 5.38m passengers in a year (9% up on last year, 6% ahead of revenue targets)
(tags: edinburgh trams )

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