Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

All of Edinburgh laid out before you.

Many years ago I visited Erin in Edinburgh, when we were going out, and she took me up Blackford Hill.

I'd been scared of cities. Awful, loud, crowded, ugly places. Lots of interesting stuff to visit, but not the kind of place I could visit.

And then I stood at the top of Blackford Hill, and I could see pretty much all of Edinburgh between me and the Forth, from the glory of Arthur's Seat, to the castle, to the zoo. And behind me, hills and fields.

And I thought: I can do this. I realy can.

And now it's fourteen years later, and we're living together again in completely unexpected circumstances. And I took both my brothers (and Mike's girlfriend) up the hill, and saw it all again, only now with much more knowledge of all of the pieces I was looking at, and all of the experience I've had of this gorgeous city. And it makes me very happy to live here.

(click to embiggen. And apologies for the pair of Mikes. He really won't keep still.)

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