Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-05-2016

Tap is a wearable that turns any surface into a keyboard
(tags: Technology writing )
The last US woman born in the 19th Century has died
(tags: history death )
A Eukaryote without a Mitochondrial Organelle
(tags: biology evolution life bacteria )
How London became Britain's capital has just been revealed for the first time
(tags: london history uk )
Google's NHS deal does not have regulatory approval
(tags: google privacy nhs data UK )
MPs should be banned from filibustering private members bills, influential parliamentary committee says
(tags: parliament law government )
Couples Therapy. Not at all what I was expecting
(tags: relationships comics )
The Goat, the Wolf, and the Cabbage, OR: Poor Purchasing Decisions
(tags: puzzle history myths )
World of Warcraft designer discusses the difficulty of dealing with feedback
(tags: WorldOfWarcraft games design discussion )
What are the key bits of "theory" that every programmer should know?
(tags: programming design )

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Tags: bacteria, biology, comics, data, death, design, discussion, evolution, games, google, government, history, law, life, links, london, myths, nhs, parliament, privacy, programming, puzzle, relationships, technology, uk, worldofwarcraft, writing

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