Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Drums in The Museum

Went to one of the National Museum of Scotland's "Lates", which are adults-only evenings where you get to wander around the museum drinking wine while being entertained by a variety of acts. And as my brother Mike and his wife Helen were visiting, and the Beltane Fire Society were part of the entertainment, I took them and Meredith along to see what it was like.

Here are the Processional Drummers playing outside, along with some fire performers:

And here are the Harbinger Drummers, playing in the Whites. I ended up in almost the perfect position, particularly as three minutes into this video I suddenly found myself surrounded by people in costume:

Idlewild also played, but frankly aren't really my kind of music, so you don't get video of them.

Instead you get a giraffe sticking its tonge out, while its giant tree sloth friend stands grumpily by:

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