Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It's May. Can I stop coughing now?

Saturday was the after-after-Beltane picnic on The Meadows. Which was nice, even if I did feel anxious at only knowing about 5% of the people there. But they were a lovely 5%, and I still enjoyed it. I left after about three hours, because it was grey, chilly, and windy enough that I was feeling bone-cold. Still glad I went though.

I had a quiet evening in, chatting online to a few lovely people, and then got an early night. Except for the cough. Apparently I should not have exposed myself to that many hippies at once...

Today I had lunch with Lizzie & Ari & Dora, which was nice (although more for the company than the food), and then off to see Captain America: Civil War. Which was basically Avengers 2.5. It picked up at the end of Avengers, stopped before any kind of meaningful conclusion, and is clearly going to be continued in Black Panther and then Avengers: Infinity War. It was a total popcorn movie, albeit a really fun one. Lots of good lines, some really well done action sequences, and it juggled a large cast really well. Not perfect, but definitely worth a few hours of my time!

Then came home, and Erin gently prodded me into some tidying up, and one of the cupboards that had been bugging me for _years_ is now clear, and being used for storage. The cold is slowly going away too - the cough has reduced, and I haven't been going hot and cold at the same time since 5pm. I still feel a bit off-kilter, physically, but I'm sure that will pass soon too.

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