Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Comic Recommendation: Strong Female Protagonist

Earlier this week,somewhere on Facebook, Simon Bisson recommended Strong Female Protagonist to a mutual friend.

And I vaguely remembered having read the first few pages, and having been grabbed, but not so much that I wanted to read all of it. But then I'm frequently put off reading backlogs of comics online, because at any kind of decent reading speed you spend longer moving the mouse pointer to the Next button and waiting for it to load than you do actually reading the tiny amount of content on each page.

So the _first_ thing I did was "Space Next" Firefox addon (which alllows you, strangely enough, to go to the next page by pressing space). And then started from the beginning.

And it's kept me up late on two occasions, and I finally got caught up to date this morning, having completely failed to get out of bed yet because I couldn't stop reading.

It's reminiscient of things like Wild Cards, in that the background has an Event which causes a sprinkling of random people to suddenly gain powers, and then takes in the effects it has on some of them, and the world around them. It's seen largely through the eyes of "Mega-Girl", who regrets her naming choices, and some of her life choices, and would rather like to be a student nowadays, rather than a superhero.

It takes a while to get going, and the art definitely improves as it goes along. But it doesn't take long before its raising interesting ideas, producing engaging characters, and drawing you into a plot which is still fascinating after several hundred pages.

Definitely worth taking a look at. Read it here.

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