Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 28-04-2016

A majority of US millennials now reject capitalism
(tags: capitalism usa polls )
German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses
(tags: virus germany security OhForFucksSake nuclearpower )
The New Yorker manage to write nearly a thousand words on a new 120-sided die and not mention roleplaying once...
(tags: roleplaying games mathematics )
Hillsborough disaster: deadly mistakes and lies that lasted decades
(tags: epicfail justice football uk )
HDR TV: What is it? (I'm much more interested in HDR than 4K)
(tags: tv hdtv Technology light )
SpaceX says it's sending a Dragon to Mars in 2018
(tags: Spacex mars space solarsystem thefuture )
How to Etch A Sand Castles On A Single Grain Of Sand
(tags: art photography video viaElfy )
Facial recognition service becomes a weapon against Russian porn actresses
(tags: faces Technology OhForFucksSake russia porn )
How early immigration from Britain to the US shaped its modern politics
(tags: immigration uk usa politics )
Trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke
(tags: batman animation video trailer )
Natural Palettes - gorgeous colours from nature
(tags: nature colour beautiful )
Doctor’s strike results in Daleks conquering the universe
(tags: drwho doctors politics funny )
Fan fiction is not a separate genre
(tags: fanfic writing stories )
How typographical nuance works
(tags: writing language internet )
Women’s Everyday Problems
(tags: women comic funny )
Four Things About the Hugos
I am really hoping that the voting fixes work, and next year the slates have minimal effect.
(tags: hugo awards )
Why organisations should encourage their staff to become friends
(tags: business friendship work )
Jeremy Hunt doesn’t understand junior doctors. He co-wrote a book on how to dismantle the NHS
(tags: nhs politics Conservatives )
Steam starts supporting Bitcoin
(tags: bitcoin steam )

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