Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

This makes me want to drive around the Highlands dodging whale poop

I saw this set of clips from the video via my Tumblr friends [ profile] thornshrike and [ profile] lorenzoandthellamas, and had to go find the video at once.

Thankfully, Google suggested that maybe my "Flying wales video" search, with its collection of jets flying far too close to mountains, was not quite what I intended, and pointed me in the right direction. And I stared, mesmerised, and wishing that I had a car, for about the first time ever. I still have very fond memories of a trip to Skye which took us through Glencoe, and some of the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring scenery I've seen. I can only assume that whales would have made it better.

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