Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How is the newspaper apocalypse progressing?

Original Poll

Recent poll

People buying a newspaper within the last month has dropped from 27% to 20%

The percentage of people getting their news from newspaper websites has actually gone up from 18% to 30%

The percentage paying for websites of any form has risen from 22% to 30%. But the increase is mostly non-news websites.

You're only slightly more certain that newspapers will die out (38% to 35%), but the people who think they will die out are predicting their death rather sooner.

You used to think that the future was readers paying for premium services. Now you aren't so sure. The winner is "Offering a few pages for free, and charging for more" - but frankly that seems unlikely considering the number of you paying for websites.

Most thought-provoking comment goes to drplokta, who proposed that £10/month should gain you access to _all_ newspapers, who should then split it amongst them. And I'd go with that. Because I'm not tribal about my newspaper reading, and therefore it's not worth me spending £10/month for each place I read five articles from. But I would happily split £10 (or even £20) amongst the the places I do read.

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