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Interesting Links for 10-04-2016

The ‘drugs v talking’ debate doesn’t help us understand mental health
(tags: mentalhealth therapy psychology drugs )
New findings about schizophrenia rekindle old questions about genes and identity.
(tags: schizophrenia genetics )
Police Body Cameras: What Do You See?
(tags: cameras police bias )
Hacking Elections: How Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade.
(tags: hacking politics elections )
The Rich Bastard's Guide to Choosing Which Tax Haven Is Right For You
(tags: tax )
Speed Dating - a cute live action stop-motion short film
(tags: dating relationships video movie )
In Four Days, Americans and Canadians might need visas to visit Europe
(tags: travel europe usa canada )
How US domination makes things cheap for Americans
(tags: usa economics currency )
Neutered random number generator let man rig million dollar lotteries
(tags: lottery hacking )
The First Reactions To CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Say It's Incredible
(tags: marvel movies reviews viaBartCalendar )
A friend is looking for good examples of competence erotica
(tags: writing advice science )
This Is What Happened When Your Mom Runs Your Tinder for a Month
(tags: dating relationships funny mother )
How wine forgery works
(tags: alcohol fraud )
Fifty psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid
(tags: psychology language )
How a Car Engine Works
(tags: cars animation visualization engineering )
Sure, I’m a Feminist, But If I Support Other Women, How Will I Become the Highlander?
(tags: movies feminism funny )
Millennial Employees Confound Big Banks
(tags: work banking usa )
Humans and robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses (for now)
(tags: amazon robots )
Driverless bus in Greece has had no accidents in six months
(tags: automation transport buses greece )
The problem with Superman is that he has lost his Jewish heritage
(tags: Jews judaism superman )
Are you a grammar pedant? This might be why
(tags: grammar personality )
Frog and Toad are Cofounders
(tags: development business computers Technology satire )

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