Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Today, I will be mostly tired

Yesterday was mostly good. I met up with bookzombie and pennski and took them on a tour of (bits of) Edinburgh, including the National Museum of Scotland, the Wee Burger Kitchen, Calton Hill, and various points in-between. They're staying at The Thistle Hotel, which is due for demolition in two months, so it was really interesting to finally see the inside. It was a tiring day, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also very nice to spend time with people who can happily declare it to be introvert time, at which point we all spent an hour staring at books/electronic devices, until we felt like doing something again.

And then joexnz got burgled. Very efficiently, too, as the burglars broke one pane of glass, and stole only her MacBook and charger (which weren't even in the same room). Which is an unpleasant thing to go through, so I got in a taxi around 1am, just as the clocks went forward to 2am, and went over to keep her company.

And so today I am tired. And meeting up with bookzombie and pennski again at 1pm to visit Mary King's Close, following which I suspect I will be spending the rest of the day in a heap, and then going to bed early.

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