Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-03-2016

The voting record of IDS replacement.
(tags: politics voting Conservatives welfare )
Consider the Merkin: A Brief History of Pubic Wigs in Hollywood
(tags: movies hair sex nudity )
Boeing unveils game-changing autonomous submarine
(tags: ocean automation robots Technology )
Tumblr vs Lord of the Rings
(tags: lotr funny )
Alligators congregating at night are _terrifying_
(tags: scary animals photographs )
How avionics engineers keep everything in perspective
(tags: advice )
Impressive video of a chunk of the new Queensferry Crossing over the Forth being moved into place
(tags: edinburgh bridge video )
Psychedelic drugs are as safe as riding a bike or playing football
(tags: safety drugs psychedelics )
BART's twitter manager starts speaking openly/honestly, gets appreciation for it
(tags: transport twitter truth )
Time, gentlemen: when will the last all-male clubs admit women?
(tags: gender misogyny uk )

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Tags: advice, animals, automation, bridge, conservatives, drugs, edinburgh, funny, gender, hair, links, lotr, misogyny, movies, nudity, ocean, photographs, politics, psychedelics, robots, safety, scary, sex, technology, transport, truth, twitter, uk, video, voting, welfare

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