Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Hullo London

I recovered enough by sleeping for 19 hours on Thursday that I made it into work on Friday - even if I didn't get to sleep again until 2am.

Even by Friday morning I was still going hot and cold. Thankfully I could tell that things were improving, and by the time I was at the airport I was back to having just normal cold symptoms.

Of course, I didn't remember until I was halfway to London, and beginning the descent, how little fun it is changing altitude with blocked eardrums. To which my response was Ow, ow, and more ow.

Taking the Docklands Light Railway from City Airport into the centre of London was lovely though. So much gorgeous architecture and unlikely features in the background. I do forget sometimes that London isn't all pollution, congestion, and claustrophobia.

The hour's trip to Wood Green, where Phil and Virginia are hosting me was almost nice. Although the Tube still isn't very scenic, once I got here I got good company, and three cats to stroke.

This morning I was woken slowly by the sound of conversation, which reminded me how lovely it was sharing a home with multiple other people, with things regularly going on around you. I must venture forth and see what's happening below.

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