Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Miracleman and Medication

Today I got a bunch of stuff done during the morning, but have now headed home to collapse on the sofa, with a head full of cotton wool, as my slightly itchy throat of the last few days has turned into a proper cold. I don't mind feeling a bit sick in the office (and it's pointless staying home to avoid infecting others, considering the amount of couching echoing across our massive open-plan halls), but when my brain shuts down there's no point me being there*.

One positive thing from the last few days is me _finally_ noticing that sugar-free Strepsil lozenges use maltitol - which triggers my IBS, and that's why I've had an upset stomach since Sunday. So I went looking to see what the alternatives are, and discovered benzocaine throat spray, which does a pretty good job of preventing me from coughing, without any of the negative side-effects.

Also, I arrived home to discover that the collected version of Gaiman/Buckingham's "Miracleman: The Golden Age" was in the hands of our neighbours. So I've got that to read. I can't believe it's been 22 years since these comics were last in print, and we might actually get to see how it all turns out...

I have had to cancel going to see "Hail, Ceasar!" tonight, as it's not really fair on other people to cough my way through a performance. But hopefully I'll be up to it tomorrow instead.

*I may do some research for a work problem later, if my brain can manage technical things.

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