Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

They made a movie just for me!

I went to see The Big Short with Jo, and Adam, and Snarl.

And it was a movie about a real-life financial crisis, that occasionally breaks the fourth wall, with comedians doing a great job of acting, actors also being amazing with the acting, some very nice editing*, and great writing.

I went with a couple of friends who also work in the financial industry, and there was lots of giggling at various bits. I recommend that you do likewise.

I remembered, afterwards, that during the run-up to the 2008 crash I'd been exchanging lots of emails with a friend who worked at a different financial institution basically consisting of "How on earth do they think that this can keep going up? Surely this is a classic bubble? The people at the top must know, but not want to say anything." - and then discovering that actually everyone senior was either ignorant or massively over-trusting of the system. The movie shows how easy it is for people to keep on deluding themselves, so long as they are doing well out of it. And how hard it is for people to believe really obvious things, if the facts make them uncomfortable.

Anyway, funny, depressing, full of useful explanations, and definitely worth seeing. (Although it will lose nothing from seeing it on the small screen.)

*Also a couple of moments where the editing was oddly bad. There were at least two scenes where someone was speaking at the end of it and clearly got cut off.

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