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Andrew Ducker

New tech site recommendation - I rather like @gadgette

I can't remember exactly when I stopped reading The Register, finally fed up with the hectoring tone and frequent bias of writers more interested in banter than conveying tech news*.

I asked for advice at the time, and eventually settled on Ars Technica, who give a wide-ranging view on the tech world, with in-depth articles and good clear writing. And it's been my main source for tech news since - to the point whre I pay for a subscription, so that I can read it ad-free (and get complete stories in the RSS feed).

Over the last few days I've added a second site to that - Gadgette. Which I initially shied away from, even after reading a couple of good articles, because it brands itself as a women's tech-site. But actually, it's not _for_ women, it's just for people. It doesn't focus on "women's issues", it just acts inclusively, (presumably because it's written by women writers). And I've been regularly enjoying the quality of their articles.

Well worth taking a look, if you're looking for a consumer-tech-related news site.

*I liked it when it was tech news with an edge of sarcasm, knowingness, and blistering commentary. But at some point I got bored of the constant, repeated, tropes, and the feeling that they had lost control of their writers, more interested in page views than reporting.

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