Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How to get retweeted by Neil Gaiman

1) Get followed by Ken MacLeod ([ profile] amendlocke). (Note: I have no idea how to make that happen. Been bumping into him online since Usenet, I think. Never actually met him, or exhanged more than a few words. He writes good books though.)
2) Post a link wherein William Gibson talks about how he wrote Neuromancer.
3) Have Ken retweet you. (Note: Ken follows a couple of thousand people, so you have to be sure that you tweet at the point where he happens to be looking at Twitter, or you'll never be seen.)
4) Have Neil ([ profile] neilhimself) happen to be looking at Twitter at the same time and decide it was worth sharing. (Note: Neil only follows about 865 people, so his timeline is less swamped. But more swamped than mine - I follow about 700 people, and if I miss something by more than half an hour I aint never gonna see it).
5) ???
6) Profit!

Still, that's me working my way up the Twitter hot list. Graham Linehan has 500k followers. Neil Gaiman has 2.5million. Who's next? What's the process for getting Taylor Swift to retweet something about Basic Income? Or Barack Obama to tweet an amusing comic about software?

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