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Star Wars: Comics Reviews

Princes Leia
I wanted to like this a lot. Sadly, it was a mess. A nice idea (following Episode IV the Empire are wiping out the remains of the Alderaanian people), but the writing is overly-complex, tries to cover too much in too small a space, and frankly isn't much good. I was hoping for better from Mark Waid. Looking at his bibliography it seems that I _keep_ expecting better from Mark Waid, but am not actually a fan of much he's written. I should probably remember that in the future.

Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes
Far better. An awful lot of fun, fills in some of the gap between Episodes IV and V, and is fun, well paced, and enjoys having the ability of comics to throw very large special effects at the reader along with fun dialogue. Basically, the Star Wars team gets back together to go hit some Imperial targets in a guerilla fashion. And then things go wrong, in an impressive and fun way. Did I mention that this was fun?

Darth Vader: Vader
Even better. This follows up from Darth Vader escaping the original Death Star, and sees where he goes next. It ties into Skywalker Strikes, although I read it directly afterwards rather than trying to interleave issues. Kieron Gillen captures Vader's dialogue incredibly well, and also the relationship between Vader and Sidious. Everyone actually seems to have motives for what they're doing, the dialogue is incredibly tight, and it's definitely worth reading if you like Star Wars at all. It also finishes with this sequence, which is well worth reading all by itself (and spoils nothing if you've seen the movies), and is basically the reason I decided to pick up the collections in the first place.

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