Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My parents have become pheasant farmers

Shortly after my parents moved in a pheasant started visiting the house from the field next door. And my mum, being my mum, started feeding him. And then feeding him and his girlfriend. And then him, his rival, and their shared girlfriend. And now, when I fed the pheasants this morning (five slices of bread, chopped up into tiny cubes, and a large handful of seeds) I took a photo of the flock that descends upon the garden every morning and demands breakfast.

And they don't even get to eat any of them! The dogs also ignore them 95% of the time, happily watching the intruders wander about from the corner of their eye. And then, about once per week, displaying their dominance by charging across the garden, sending feathered beasties scattering in all directions.

You'll also note the separate bread on top of the pillar on the right, and the bird bath, for the _other_ birds that they attract to the garden.

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