Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Two movies in the key of Red

Sunday ten days ago: The Martian. If you like science, and mild peril, and people solving problems by carefully working things out, and working together to make a difference, then you'll like this. It's also gorgeous.

Monday: Crimson Peak. About as much plot as a fifteen page gothic short-story. Worked out the entire plot within five minutes of the film starting. Still enjoyable despite any of that, because it's absolutely gorgeous, the plot is still fine, and it has good actors in it.

In other, unrelated, movie news my parents have booked tickets to see Space Wizards VII at Christmas. I haven't seen a laser-sword fight with my family in many many years (possibly since ROTJ), so I'm looking forward to what was, after all, a quintessential part of the Christmas Experience when I was a child (well, from about 1978, when I was six, and the first one started being shown on TV every year).

space wizards love to fight almost as much as they love a merchandisable franchise

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