Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Two things I am grateful for

Both thanks to marrog and erindubitably.

Firstly: Parks and Recreation. Which Julie and I had watched the first episode of, and given up on. They told us that the second season underwent a significant change, and was much better. So we skipped ahead to the start of season two, and indeed, they were completely correct. In season one the characters came across as incompetent and unlikable. By boosting their competence (even a small amount) and making them more relatable, the same characters suddenly became ones that we cheered for, and found much much funnier. We watched all seven seasons in about a month, and then wished there was more. Touching, funny, and delightfully quirky, I wish there was more TV like this. (Also, unashamedly pro-government. You don't see many TV shows where the main character works in local government and that's seen as a good thing.)

Second: Dobble. A very simply card game, that's basically "Snap" on steroids. Take a bunch of cards covered in symbols. Any pair of cards have exactly one symbol in common, and there are a variety of different games based around matching cards against each other. Each game takes about three minutes to play, it easily scales up to "as many players as you can get around a table", and I was sold on it within seconds of starting. I've not seen so many people swearing at each other over a stack of cards in many years. Suitable for everyone from small children to drunken adults - and apparently makes for a great aid when teaching people languages - as you can make people tell you the name of the image they've matched on before they can claim a card. Sold in the US as "Spot It!", and apparently has many different editions.

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