Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A busy day, with things that went boom

Woke up early (8-ish) and headed into town to have breakfast. The plan was to get some breakfast at the City Cafe, pick up some mouse-killing devices from Edinburgh Bargain Stores (your recommnded source for finding pretty much everything you'd ever need to kit out a flat. At the start of September it's always packed out with first-year students and their parents), drop in to M&S & H&M for some clothes for Julie, and then meet joexnz when she arrived back from a close-up viewing of the demolition of Cockenzie Power Station.

Instead, we achieved phases one and two, and were on our way to Princes Street when Jo texted to say that she was going to watch the explosions from the top of Calton Hill. Which is about ten miles away, but with a nice unobstructed view across the bay. So we decided to meet her up there, as the bus was about to go past it. Julie wasn't sure she'd make it up the hill, but we took it slowly, and she made it to the top, where we rendesvouzed with Fenland, who was up there for similar purposes and had found a much better spot than us. The four of us then watched it. It was pretty awesome. And you can see two good views of it here:

and here:

The two explosions are the chimneys (very nice bit of work there to have them collide like that) and then the turbine hall. And it's pretty awesome that the second video there is clearly just some guy with his drone.

We then wandered down the hill to the shops, Julie found a nice skirt, and we headed over to Jo's for an hour or so before getting some groceries at Waitrose and then heading home. All of which sounds like it should have been really quick, but somehow kept us out of the flat for nearly eight hours.

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