Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Unbirthday Stress

I invited a bunch of people to the pub this evening* to belatedly have a few drinks in celebration of my birthday**.

And so, of course, I am stressed that nobody will turn up, and I will look bad in front of the pub staff. Which is remarkably stupid and unlikely. And if nobody turned up then I'd just call it a day and go home. And I know that people _will_ turn up, because they always do, and yet aaaargh.

Similar things happen whenever I have a review at work. I always go in expecting to be told that I'm useless, operating below expectations, and about to be sacked. And am then told I'm doing just fine (and generally lots better than fine). And yet, every single time, I go in stressed about worst-case scenarios.

Stupid, stupid brain.

*From 4PM, Safari Lounge. You're welcome to come along. Original invite was on FB, and I couldn't think of anyone on LJ in Edinburgh who wouldn't see it, or hear of it via their partner. Starting early so people with children can come along.
**Which is during the festival, and therefore pub space is impossible to get hold of. So waiting a month is generally a better option.

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