Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Weekend: Friends, Food, and Books

Good: Saw lovely people on Friday, Saturday, _and_ Sunday. Ate a lovely breakfast in Loudon's Bakery & Cafe, and a great lunch in Cafe Andaluz. Got completely caught up to date with the collected Order of the Stick by reading book 5: "Blood Runs In The Family". Which was amazing - taking plot points which were already mindblowing in previous books and kicking them up to the point where I was _really_ annoying Julie by intermittently gasping and giggling on the sofa for most of the afternoon.
Bad: I now have to wait for the next book to be published*. Which is going to be about five years, based on how long there was between the last two books. I shall hope that Rich Burlew doesn't suffer too many more setbacks in the thumb-slicing department (or running any more wildly successful kickstarters that means he has to spend his time fulfilling stretch goals rather than writing the damn comic!**)

*Someone is probably to leap in with the suggestion that I read them online. Which I'm not going to do as (a) I think they read better when I can sit down and take in an entire plot in an afternoon, rather than a page or two per week (b) you get extra pages in the collected versions that weren't in the original books.
**Aha, turns out this is indeed the case

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