Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My Birthday Tattoo

On Friday we went to the Tattoo. It was awesome. Here are some photos, and a video of the best drum team in the universe.

The way up to the castle. I couldn't resist the church against that sky with the moon highlighted.

Our view of the castle as we were waiting for things to start. Apparently the stands hold 8,800 people.

The first set of pipers and drummers come out.

They used numerous projections onto the castle for different performances.

The moon was very pretty.

The People's Liberation Army (of China) were very good at playing while standing in perfectly straight lines.

And their dancers came out with pretty lotus leaves and flowers. And were clearly up to something.

They were up to DRAGONS!

1940s music, with dancers and three women singing.

Closing ceremony, where we had everyone on the esplanade.

Led by L'il Sebastian.

And finallly, a piper played The Pipes Of Loos.

And that wasn't even a quarter of it. There were Indian dancers, fiddlers from the Shetlands, the US Air Force Honor Guard, Gurkha's, and Many More. If you like spectacle, you should go.

Oh, and of course the Swiss "Top Secret Drum Corps". Whose performance from 2012 is well worth a watch:

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