Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A movie recommendation

Do you like the idea of Scream and various Joss Whedon tropes (postmodern horror where people point out that this is a horror film and the idiocy of some of the tropes)?

Do you like the kind of vibe in 80s teen movies?

Do you like the videos for Taylor Swift songs such as Blank Space and Bad Blood? Or Britney's Toxic and Womanizer videos?

If so, you should watch Detention, from the director of said videos. It's amazing. Trailers can't capture why it's amazing. Essentially it's a bit like Scream in that it's a deliberately knowing wink-and-a-nudge horror comedy except it escalates and escalates to ridiculousness and beyond while holding together perfectly (although tbh it took a second viewing for me to realise the genius of it). It's not actually scary, it's just really awesome in a totally insane way.

It's on Netflix.

So read the email from octopoid_horror I got earlier this evening.

So I watched the trailer:


I'll definitely be watching that over the weekend.

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