Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

This is why I didn't follow you back on Twitter

1) You're an author, and the only thing you tweet is links to your books, excerpts from your books, and links to reviews of your books. Except when you're retweeting links to your books, reviews of your books, and people being nice about your books. I'm very happy that you're enthusiastic about your books, but unless I was already a fan (and that's unlikely if you're the one following me first) I'm just not interested in your books. Here's a tip: Try being an interesting person who happens to also write books. It worked for Scalzi, I was reading his blog for _months_ before I decided that since I liked his blog posts I might give a book a go too...

2) You're some kind of New Media Guru, and your tweets consist almost entirely of either you replying to one of your two-million other followers saying "Thanks for the follow!" or "10 ways to gain 50,000 followers for cheap!". I don't _need_ followers, that's not why I'm on Twitter*.

3) You're not a real person, but a bot, tweeting carefully calculated items designed to pull people in so that they see the adverts which make up 10% of your tweets.

Basically, I'm interested in people, talking either about topics I find interesting, or their lives (which I find interesting either because they're my friends or because they're interesting people). I am not interested in advertising, marketing, or anything else which has the sole purpose of trying to make me do something.

This post brought to you by me losing count of the number of authors who have added me, in a vain attempt to have me buy their book.

*I'm on Twitter because I dump my links there, and people reply to them sometimes, to tell me when they're wrong. Also, people post interesting things, and occasionally have interesting conversation. It's one of my least favourite social networks, but the occasional awesome thing I find on there makes it worth putting up with how awful it is trying to have a discussion there.

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