Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

There's an Escher Exhibition in Edinburgh. You should go see it.

If you like Escher, and you're anywere near Edinburgh then I highly recommend going to see the exhibition of his work on at the Modern Art Gallery.

They've got a load of his work on loan from The Hague in The Netherlands, and they've done a good job of giving it (and his life) context. Details.

Fascinating to see his early woodcuts, which were frankly stunning long before he started playing around with perspective, or putting together impossible scenes, or complex metamorpheses. His precision and attention to detail were breathtaking.

Julie and I had a great time, both wandering around that in Modern 2, and then taking a look at the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit in Modern 1 before going for a wander over the big green curly thing out front of Modern 1.

And taking a selfie, of course, because the big green curly thing is too good not to share:

And then we came home, and Julie slept for about three hours while I played Dark Souls.

Definitely a good day.

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