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Ant Men and Duckling Walks

Went to see Ant-Man this evening with my brother Hugh. It was entertaining, silly, and fun, but ultimately very slight and managed to contradict its own physics, lack any characters I really cared about, and failed to do anything particularly interesting. Worth a watch, but you can totally wait for the small screen.

I then walked home, and Julie and I went for a walk to Holyrood Park. Where I took a video of ducklings, which you can see under the cut, along with some final photos of the holiday, my half-shaven face, part of Swallows and Amazons, and a xylophone made of stone.

On the penultimate day Julie and I walked down to the nearest ferry dock (just beyond the edge of the property we were staying in, but annoying to get to, as we had to walk up a hill, cross a wall, and then come down the hill on the other side of the wall).

From there we got the boat down the lake to Peel Island, which is the inspiration of Wild Cat island in "Swallows and Amazons". As we past it, a catamaran full of tourists was paddling past.

From there the boat continued up to Brantwood, home of John Ruskin, who cared about ordinary people before it was fashionable (i.e. in the 1800s). There was a fifteen minute video which told us how incredibly amazing he was (while leaving out the more embarassing bits of his life, which I had to look up when we got home). There was a lovely view from there across the lake:

There was also a stone xylophone, which sounded pretty awesome. No, I don't really understand why. Except that rocks are awesome.

Later on, I was showing my Mum how cool reversable cameras are, and together we took her first selfie. Hi Mum!

When we got home, I decided to shave off my beard. As I fancied a change, and frankly my internal image of myself doesn't have that much beard.

You can get an idea of how I currently look by holding your hand over one half of that picture. It's like magic!

And then finally, today. When we walked down to Holyrood Park, and wandered past the lake, which was lit beautifully by the setting sun:

And, as promised, tiny fluffy dinosaurs:

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