Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A brief rant about cricket snacks

Over here is a site selling bars made from cricket protein.

Which is something which looks _fantastically_ useful, in an ecological sense. Compared to beef it needs 1/10 of the amount of feed, 1/2000 of the amount of water, and produces 1/80 of the amount of CO2.

But then...if you take a look you discover that the bars that they're selling are £18 for 320g. Or £56/Kg. Which is nearly twice what Sainsbury's Best Fillet Steak sells for.

Oh, and the bars aren't made of cricket protein. They're basically made of nuts and sugar - and are only 6% cricket.

Now, I don't mind some flavouring in with my protein bars. I happily snack on pepperamis, or salami, or even jerky. But it feels fundamentally dishonest to spend your front page comparing how much more efficient cricket bars are, and how healthy they are, basically compare them to beef snacks, and then sell you a snack that's four times as much sugar in it as it has cricket.

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