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It was a nice day for a handfasting.

Yesterday we went to Fergus and Sonya's handfasting, which was held by the shores of St Margaret's Loch, which looked a bit like this:

Unfortunately, you're not allowed large groups up at the ruined chapel any more, but having the ceremony on the shores of the loch worked perfectly (and didn't require us to walk up the hill, which was a definite positive).

It was a lovely day, and great to see people there. Lots of relaxing conversation, and good to see Fergus and Sonya (literally) tie the knot We went on to the pub afterwards with them, and ate some lovely vegan food, before running away home. We ended up walking along the same route I take home from work - which has some of the nicest views of Edinburgh, so we got a couple of photos.

The dress code was decidedly non-formal (with a preference for "Just escaped from a circus" and a ban on ties), so Julie dressed colourfully, and I grabbed some smart-casual stuff left over from India.

Sadly, with the way the light at 7pm was the choices were either "Light directly behind us", "In the shadow of the photographer" or "We are standing in a rainbow". Such are the joys of phone cameras.

It was a bit easier on the way home:

To the far left you can see the Scottish Parliament, the sticky-up poles are from the Dynamic Earth centre, and directly beneath us is Carlton Studios, where I have spent many hours dancing. Behind us are Salisbury Crags, and behind that Arthur's Seat.

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