Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

In the game of bowls, you win or you...don't

Quiet night in yesterday - Julie and I simultaneously watched Game of Thrones while chatting to each other on IM. Lots of ALL CAPS typing during the bits I wasn't expecting*. Really looking forward to season six!

Other than that, I did almost nothing, which was perfect. My stomach still isn't even slightly happy, but I'm keeping myself well hydrated, so hopefully that'll be ok until I get back to the UK and it calms down.

Tonight we're off to Bowling and Barbeque with the offshore team, which should be fun, even if I am rubbish at bowling!

*Pretty much all of them. Although I did say "I miss X, we haven't seen them in ages." about three seconds before they turned up on-screen.

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