Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

India update: Tummies and Rain

I am currently lying in bed, with a dodgy tummy. I could try and pinpoint exactly what I did that caused it, but frankly that seems like wasted effort. I went to India, anything more specific is probably eternally unknowable.

It’s not awful, thankfully. There was just three minutes of *TMI* after lunch today, and then I took some immodium, got plenty done during the afternoon, came home, chatted to Julie, ate some dinner, and played some appallingly bad games of pool. Well, they started off only mildly bad, but the third game descended into farce, and then I took myself off to bed, where talking to tisme cheered me up a bit.

And then I saw this:

See the spot marked "Pune"? See the big blue wall of water headed towards it? That’s 6cm of water going to fall on Sunday. After that, it probably gets properly wet. And, actually, I’m ok with this. We’ll probably be trapped in the hotel, but I’ll get to see a bit of the Monsoon, which I’ve been impressed by since I first heard of it as a child.

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