Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-05-2015

The Quiet Zone: 13,000 square miles where mobile phones are banned
(tags: space telescope radio phones quiet )
Shell Oil’s Cold Calculations for a Warming World
(tags: oil energy globalwarming thefuture )
How To Fight The Filter Bubble
(tags: opinion Twitter society )
Awe may promote altruistic behavior
(tags: altruism society psychology )
Next faces £22m bill after court finds retailer diverted cash to avoid tax
(tags: tax uk )
How to make a dragonscale dress
(tags: dragons clothing gameofthrones )
When your inflatable airbag/helmet explodes into life...
(tags: cycling technology video accident )
Why We Age
(tags: age aging evolution biology )
Simon Pegg on science fiction, commercialisation, and society.
(tags: scifi society )
A Former Informant Describes the Violent and Sartorially Complicated World of Biker Gangs
(tags: motorcycle violence gangs society )
Letter to My Hometown: Edinburgh, you classy tart
(tags: Edinburgh )
The French government has totally ruled out any EU treaty change for David Cameron
(tags: France Europe conservatives )
Beware summary statistics
(tags: statistics )
Poverty shapes how children think about themselves
(tags: poverty children psychology )
A preliminary taxonomy of the voices inside your head
(tags: psychology voice )
List of animals with fraudulent diplomas
(tags: animals academia funny )

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