Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The best diet advice you never get

(This from Farah, over on Facebook, who is completely right.)

If you are dieting (and many of us have to for specific health reasons so please don't rush in to tell me it's necessarily bad),you need to come up with a structure of dieting you can live with because the evidence is that you can't really come off a diet and expect to maintain the weight loss.

There is no point at all, excluding forever and ever the foods you really like. Nor does it make sense to put them in the reward category, because most of us will end up finding a way to reward ourselves.

You need to find a way of eating daily that consists of food you like; a way of feeling full that consists of food you like, and a way of building in the things you like in ways that don't wreck the goals you need to meet.

For some of us that means a particular meal is written in stone, in order to permit some flexibility later. For some of us it's meal x is a little lighter than it might be because we can't get past 11am without either a snack or fainting.

We are all different; I have friends who cheerfully eat the same thing every day, others who want variety. Some for whom carbs are hard to lose, others for whom it is fat or sugar. The goal is to stay sane. There really aren't any medals for the Extreme Diet Event.

It is *intensely* personal.

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