Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A few more thoughts on the election

1) PR wouldn't fix this:
Con+UKIP = 49.4%
Lab+LD+SNP+Green = 46.9%
(I'm still in favour though. Obviously.)

2) Farage lost. That'll be three party leaders resigning today.

3) I have _no idea_ whether Labour lost more votes because people were worried they'd work with the SNP or people were worried they wouldn't work with the SNP (and the government would be unstable). {Probably both, to be honest.

4) I also have no idea whether Labour would get more votes by sticking with centralism or moving back to the left. In Scotland the SNP have taken their old position, to great success - but I have no idea how that would play out in England. Popular wisdom says that England won't vote left-wing, but popular wisdom isn't proving terribly useful at the moment.

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