Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

No links today

Having spent the last 36 hours at Brympton House for the lovely wedding of mountainkiss and JW, we are now back, and collapsed.

Semi-literally in Julie's case. Turns out that alcohol allows her to largely ignore her exhaustion, but at the cost of her then sleeping all the way back to Bristol airport (courtesy of danieldwilliam's lovely wife), and collapsing into bed the second we arrived home to continue doing so.

In any case, the wifi was borked in the building all of yesterday*, so I didn't end up saving off any interesting links before/after the wedding. You'll have to make your own entertainment.

Unlike yesterday, when my entertainment was made up of catching up with several people I'd hitherto met solely on the internet, and very lovely they all were too (plus a few people I'd met in real life, but not for aaaaages).

Right, time to catch up with LJ!

*Along with the hot water, and the availability of rooms that didn't smell of either paint or damp - we ended up sleeping with the window open, which meant Julie's asthma didn't kick in, but things were a tad chilly, and the dawn chorus a tad loud.

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