Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Huzzah for eye doctors

These are my eyes, now getting better.

The reason my right pupil (on the left in this picture) is massively bigger than my left pupil is that my right eye is full of drugs. It is full of drugs because the eye doctor put drops in to detach my cornea from my iris. Yup, two bits of my eye were stuck to each other (this is called Synechia). Everyone I said this to at work made an amazing face at me. This is possibly the only good thing about having bits of your eye stuck to other bits of it.

As the article says, the way you unstick A from B is to make the iris expand a lot, so it basically pulls itself off of the cornea. You'd think that this would mean bringing half of the cornea with it. But apparently my eye was already full of debris from having it stuck there for a couple of days. To the point where the medical student who was initially inspecting me didn't recognise it as debris, because there was so much of it it wasn't moving around like debris usually does.

I have never heard the inside of my eye referred to as being "like soup" before. I would rather like to never have to hear that again.

This is the write-up my optometrist gave me. Which I thought was worth preserving.

Nobody has been able to explain to me why the redness/pain was worst in the night/morning than the rest of the day. Nor why it now looks like uveitis when it didn't present that way a few days ago. But the doctor who checked me out at the end (after the supremely competent charge nurse had finished pointing out fascinating things about my eye to the student doctor, making sure the diagnosis was correct, and putting drops in my eye with amazing skill) told me that she'd write to my doctor telling them that next time I come in with a painful eye I should be referred to the Eye Pavillion instantly. And that I should have some of the eye drugs prescribed to me to just sit in the flat, so I can beging using them instantly the next time this comes on, because clearly I know my eyes better than the GP or the optometrists.

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