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Andrew Ducker

In which I am grumpy at bands who don't make their music easily available

Over here there's a recommendation for a bunch of music which they enjoyed in 2014. The most popular of which was an album by Transatlantic, which sounded like it was worth listening to.

Only the album isn't on Spotify or Deezer, so I can't easily give it a listen and see what I think.

_Fine_, I thought, I'll see how much it is on Google Play, and if it's cheap I can just buy a copy.

Nope. Not available there. Or on Amazon as MP3s.

The only formats it's available in on Amazon are CD and Vinyl*.

Having decluttered all of my CDs out of the flat last year, the last thing I'm going to do is pay for a shiny bit of plastic so that it can be physically posted to me, so that I can then turn it into MP3s, and then find somewhere to store the damn thing.

And, apparently, I've now reached the point where there is more music available to me than I can listen to in a lifetime, and I am not jumping through hoops just so that some band can some kind of indecipherable point!

Edit: Turns out it's available on their own store, for $9.99 for MP3s. As a whole album. I assume because otherwise people might listen to it wrong. And now, frankly, I'm far too grumpy to hand them over some cash.

*The Vinyl version being £70. For fuck's sake.

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