Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Why are people so incompetent at designing forms?

My laptop is currently in for repair*, with me probably going to have to get a new one.

So I thought I'd check out the Toshiba website, and have a look to see what's available. They have a form that allows you to select your criteria, which would be great.

If it wasn't appallingly rubbish.

1) I can set a _minimum_ price I want to pay, but no maxiumum. Surely "My budget is £500" is more common than "Don't offer me things worth less than £500"?

2) The two lowest memory options are "<4GB" and "6GB". What if I want "4GB"?

3) There's no way of saying "I want an SSD". Which I do, as I don't need that much storage on my laptop, and for 256GB, the price is now down to £100, which is affordable.

4) Well, I didn't get as far as finding a fourth thing wrong, because I've now come here to write an LJ post and then go somewhere else to look for a laptop.

*The screen was replaced ok, but half time I picked it up the screen would glitch horribly and input would die. I suspect I cracked the motherboard when I sat on it.

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