Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My current workflow for sharing screenshots

1) Use the Windows Snipping Tool to grab a chunk of the screen. It's been in Windows since Vista, so unless you're running XP (and you really, really, _really_ shouldn't be) you have it.

2) Open
3) Click "Upload Images":

4) Press Ctrl-V:

5) Click Start Upload:

6) Click on the icon next to the Direct Link:

7) Make an image link using it: <img src=""> (I use Semagic to write posts, so I simply paste the link, select it, and press Ctrl-Alt-I to turn it into an image link).

I was using Photobucket at one point, but imgur makes it so easy to upload screenshots and suchlike that I've pretty much entirely moved over to using it.

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